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Research Summit

Research Summit

This half day summit brings together practitioners, academics and students to identify research trends and unearth opportunities for collaboration on research into both prescient and unforeseen issues. Hosted by Queensland University of Technology and AILA, this inaugural national event expands the scope of landscape architectural research, both in the manner in which it is conducted and the research questions that it will address. Presented in two parts, the summit will encourage audience discussion and concludes with a Q&A wrap of the key steps to advance research forward, including participation from AILA National Council.

The Summit is free to attend. Bookings required by Monday 13 October.

Debbie Cushing – (QUT Landscape Architecture)
Forecasting research gaps in landscape architecture

Simon Kilbane (UTS landscape Architecture)
Seeding the future city: The instrumentality of Landscape Architecture

Noel Corkery (Corkery Consulting NSW)
Valuing the Public Domain: The Research-Practice Nexus

Catherin Keirnan (Climate Change Policy, Dep't Environment and Planning, ACT Government)
Canberra: What Will It Be Like In 2060?

Andrew MacKenzie (University of Canberra, Landscape Architecture)
China_ the limitations of green infrastructure to explain the resilient city- a case study of the Beijing to Wuhan transect.

'QUT 4/4' Ian Weir with four fourth year landscape students
Expanding understandings of resilience (the anti-fragile).

  • (Re)constructing the Great Barrier Reef
  • Water Wars – water security in Libya
  • Soil Harvesting in Bangladesh
  • Liquefaction landscapes in Christchurch

Kevin O'Brien (QUT Professor of Design, Kevin Obrien Architects)
Emptying Cities

Rosalea Monacella (RMIT Transiting Cities Program)
‘Transiting Cities - Low Carbon Futures’

Dr Anton James & Charles Anderson (RMIT, JMD Landscape Architects/ Stutterheim-Anderson)
Title: Practice Based Research, an RMIT University model.

Gill Lawson (QUT Landscape Architecture, Post Grad Coordinator)
New Directions for University/Industry Partnerships

Final session – How can AILA support the University programs and Educators?
Panel with audience engagement

Thursday 16th October

12.00pm – 4.30pm

The Edge, State Library of Queensland

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