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Andy Sharp

Andy is the Director of Properties Facilities and Development at Curtin University. He is charged with bringing to life the Greater Curtin project – a renewal of the Curtin campus into a new urbanised knowledge centre for the benefit of all West Australians. His skills in delivering major projects will see the campus shift from an isolated suburban campus in to a major city brimming with young minds and exciting urbanity.

Andy is characterised as an urban thinker and strategist capable of making complex city scale decisions using experience-backed judgement, and collaborative project delivery models. He is regarded as a thought leader who knows how to get things done and has a clear vision on the future of Curtin as a connected 'knowledge city' within the Australasian region.

Andy sits on several boards and committees including the Curtin University Council, Guildford Grammar School, City of Perth Design Advisory Committee and City of Joondalup Design Reference Panel. Andy is the recipient of the WA Business News 40 Under 40 for his visionary leadership in the AEC sector.