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Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa – Context Landscape Design. Image: Brett Boardman


Intergrain Timber Finishes are designed to protect the natural beauty of timber while giving long lasting durable protection, making Intergrain coatings ideal for the demands of Architects and Landscape Architects. Being environmentally responsible and highly durable, Intergrain coatings are widely specified for commercial and residential timber projects.

Intergrain coatings are researched, developed and tested to perform in all Australian conditions. Intergrain UltraDeck, NaturalStain and UltraClear are water based exterior timber finishes that increase the lifespan of exterior timber by protecting against degradation caused by exposure to weather, lasting up to 3 times longer than traditional solvent based timber coatings. Being water based, they contain substantially less VOCs (volatile organic compounds) than traditional solvent based finishes, making them an environmentally responsible option that does not compromise on long term durable performance.